Not enough room in the fridge? Lettuce crowding your shelves? Lack of fridge space is a common customer complaint. If you own a space-saving refrigerator or fridge, it’s especially important to ensure you’re getting the most out of your fridge space. Keeping more stuff cool for longer is easy with these handy tips.

1. Keep similar items together in transparent bins

This trick allows you to keep an eye on everything in your fridge and avoid stacking your mushrooms on top of your yogurt. It also reduces the chances of items toppling off a shelf and falling when you open the door. No more digging through the fridge to find the thing you want.

2. Put perishables in one container

Keeping an area or container in your fridge aside for items that should be eaten soon is the best way to ensure your produce doesn’t go off before you can get around to eating it. This area is best kept at eye level, so when you’re gazing into the fridge in search of inspiration, you won’t miss it. This trick saves space because items that are expired often don’t get cleaned out of the fridge in time. Instead, they just hang around and take up space.

Making fridge space work for you can be challenging.

3. Label everything

This one is best used in conjunction with the transparent bin hack. Labelling bins and storing items in them accordingly ensures that you’ll never have to hunt for what you want. You can also see if you need more vegetables at a glance. If you don’t want to write on your bins, just use coloured stickers to indicate which bin is which: green for veggies, red for meat, and so on. 

4. Item tracking via whiteboard

When you run out of something, write it on the board straight away. Then you’ll never buy items because you can’t remember if you have any left, only to discover that you already have plenty. An extra upside is that there is no need to make a grocery list – just snap a picture of the board with your phone and head for the supermarket!

5. Use square or rectangular containers

This tip is pretty straightforward. Regularly shaped containers are easier to stack on top of each other or around other items. Round containers tend to waste space because they are unable to be pressed flush against the walls of the fridge.

6. Clear out old condiments

Are you really going to eat that mustard? It’s been in there for a while. When did you last use it? When did you buy that barbecue sauce? Assess the fridge door and decide what condiments you really use and which need to go.

7. Freeze leftovers

Instead of leaving leftovers in the fridge where you may or may not eat them in time, try freezing them in batches to eat on an evening when you don’t feel like cooking. This works especially well with dishes like lasagne that can be made in bulk and portioned out.

The takeaway? Look after your fridge, and it will look after you

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