Cut Through the Grime with our Commercial Fryer Repairs

Commercial fryers are an integral part of many hospitality businesses, helping you cook up delectable treats for your eager customers. However, due to their heavy-duty nature, they can also experience issues due to the build-up of grease and grime, or a general malfunction. If you ever find yourself in need of commercial fryer repairs, you’ll know how urgent the issue is in order to minimise the potential loss of customers.

Nationwide Appliance Repairs is the expert in commercial fryer repairs, quickly troubleshooting issues in a timely manner. We work effectively to get your fryer back to top-notch condition, allowing your kitchen to enjoy its full cooking capabilities.

Our qualified technicians service metro and regional areas throughout Australia, always being equipped with the necessary parts to quickly repair your fryer or other commercial appliances. Make sure to keep our details on hand for any issues that may crop up at your commercial kitchen!


Signs that your commercial fryer needs servicing and repairs

Commercial deep fryers undergo heavy usage, meaning there are a few areas that could suffer from damage such as the thermostat, high-limit switch, thermopile or the safety gas valve.

Some common issues that we’ve seen our customers experience include a pilot light that will not stay lit, a faulty thermostat that runs erratically or does not turn off. Given that deep fryers can potentially be dangerous, it’s vital to have any issues quickly looked at by a professional.

Aside from urgent repairs, we also provide regular servicing for commercial fryers in order to ensure they are working correctly. This helps to prevent future breakdowns or accidents, saving you time and money in the long run. So why not schedule a service of your commercial kitchen appliances?


Look no further for all your commercial appliance repairs

Nationwide Appliance Repairs is the leading appliance technician in the country, servicing metro and regional areas. The reasons for choosing us are abundant, including:

In addition to commercial fryer repair, we offer both commercial and residential washing machine repair, oven repairs, fridge repairs and stove repairs. Make sure to keep our number on hand to have your business needs promptly addressed!

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